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You can enter without money, then it takes a little longer.
Or with little use and has to be used in 15 days out .
From the second month you will have residual income of about 1000th

I have Already received several payouts.
Proceed as follows to earn $1000 or more per month on ojooo:
Register clicking here
Next, you should upgrade your account to premium + for just $ 39
3 For $60 more you can RENT 300 referals for a month
This will bring you about $8-11 per day
In three days you buy another 300 referrals for the money what the refs have already purchased generates $20 + any own money
5 After 3 days, you can buy referrals again , for the money generated through referrals
6 And you will have $1000 or more per month .

So after about 16 days you get out what you invest and possibly even made ​​a profit .

We have Now the Vip upgrade you can get more than $2000 per month!!! VIP upgrade only $99/month or $999/Year

Good Luck!

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