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How to pick a RIGHT PTC site?

First you need to now 1 thing. The name of the game is Get referrals.

So, you can join NeoBux which is ranked 54 alexa and it is great site, or you can chose Clixsense also a great site, but getting direct referrals is so so hard. You will need to invest in advertisment so i suggest you go different way.

U choose newer site, join both NeoBux and Clixsense and find your direct referrals there.

Let me explain. 
It is all Math. 

You choose Noulix which has 120 000+ members, 
or Zapbux which has 20 000+ members 
or DrClix which has 15 000+ members.
So it is easier to get referrals for the site that has this members, then for the sites like NeoBux or Clixsense which has millions.

Then you choose  several traffic providers like EasyHits4U or AdhitProfits and they offer you as a free member 1:1 or 1:2 traffic.

I have chosen all 5 PTC sites because i m advertise on NeoBux and Clixsense, and get my traffic on EasyHits4U and AdhitProfits,  but i m making money on 

My PTC sites


You can enter without money, then it takes a little longer.
Or with little use and has to be used in 15 days out .
From the second month you will have residual income of about 1000th

I have Already received several payouts.
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Next, you should upgrade your account to premium + for just $ 39
3 For $60 more you can RENT 300 referals for a month
This will bring you about $8-11 per day
In three days you buy another 300 referrals for the money what the refs have already purchased generates $20 + any own money
5 After 3 days, you can buy referrals again , for the money generated through referrals
6 And you will have $1000 or more per month .

So after about 16 days you get out what you invest and possibly even made ​​a profit .

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